Puma #ForeverFierce Campaign Featuring Kylie Jenner

The new Puma campaign has dropped and it's all kinds of awesomeness!  

You may be forgiven to thinking that this is a clip straight out of the 2010 thriller 'Black Swan' as Kylie is seen swinging from silk ropes and pulling out some eye-watering dance moves.  However, the collection has been designed in collaboration with the New York City Ballet company, and is aptly named 'Swan Pack'.

Puma state: "The PUMA Swan pack is a collection inspired by and made for self-expression.  It is designed to be #ForeverFierce.  Just like Kylie Jenner.  As an entrepreneur, trendsetter and style icon, Kylie Jenner constantly pushes limits.  She makes every move with fierceness, whether she's taking risks on the red carpet, starting new trends, building up her beauty empire, or building her social media following."

I really love the aestetic of the collection, which includes a black cape with feather-inspired graphics, and black trainers with iridescent and reflective details.  The ballet theme is evident throughout the collection, with a neutral palette of black and white, with a splash of colour in pieces.

I wonder how what the reception was like from a certain Mr Kanye West?  After Kylie's ambassador deal was first revealed, Kanye hit out at Puma for trying to 'divide the family'.  He tweeted: "1000% there will never be a Kylie Puma anything. That's on my family! 1000% Kylie is on Yeezy team!!!"  But clearly the partnership between the Kylie and Puma is still going strong. 

Are you #TeamPuma or #TeamYeezy ?

Kylie 7.jpg
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All photos courtesy of PUMA

All photos courtesy of PUMA